2009 17 Jun

After the Battle

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Stupid fools!  Thats what I have gone and teamed up with.  A bunch of thick head half-wits!  I gave them plenty of warning to get hidden, but did they listen…no!  Instead the scouting party that the invading army sent saw them scramble into their hiding places totally blowing any kind of ambush advantage we might of had! I am glad that there was only 15 or so soldiers to contend with otherwise we never would have survived.  And that is just what we did…survive.

They had sent a small force hoping to take us out.  Why would they not?.  We are nothing but a small rag tag bunch. And they were a small invading army.  To bad we had to spoil their fun. I had the pleasure of taking out one of the commanders.  Always nice to watch my bolt land in someone’s head and see them go down.  Over all I was surprised with the group. Even Steve and Mongo took out a few soliders before they ran and hid in the barn.  Here we are, a hastily formed defense and we were able to over come a group 3 times our size.  We even got a prisoner.  This should be fun.  I love asking questions…and removing fingers when I don’t like what I hear.


IMBECILES!  They decided to let the prisoner live! Morons!  The poor sap, Steve by name (what is it with the strange names, Steve must be common name around here or something), he will not be of much use to us and he cannot go back to his troupes.  I was surprised with how often he asked not to sent back to his troupes as if he wanted to be sent back.  I wasn’t buying it.  If he was going to die, I was going to do it.  And if he was trying to trick us into sending him back to rat us out to his commanders, well I too heard that story as a child, you can not fool me that easy.  Of course our captive is missing a few fingers so the interrogation was not a total loss.

Being a common foot solider I did not expect him to have a lot of information, but he did surprise me a little.  Defiantly gave us a real view on what we are up against.  There are now 40 some odd soldiers left to contend with camping about 20 minutes north of Dwivendale. Plus 20 or so archers.  Still had 4 commanders left and a Mage.  A Mage!!  There was something that we were not expecting.  Camped about 25 miles to the north east was other force in an other small farming village.  Their main force was at the port town of Dockndale were there is some where in the neighborhood of 400 soldiers.  We learned of how many centuries there are and how often they change.

All this information was very interesting and good to know but after a while I was getting board with the interrogation.  I grabbed Mongo and Steve and had them help me search the fallen soldiers for anything useful.  A few gold coins, several short swords which we ended up putting with the farm tools on the trenches, some armor (which Mongo and Steve took some of as Dave didn’t see fit to give his ONLY two warriors any) and magical long sword.  By this time the others had emerged from the barn and had started helping as well.  Ike took the long sword with out much challenge from anyone else.

Looking around it was discover that there were alley ways between some of the houses that could easily be used by the enemy.  It was decided that they needed to be blocked off.  There was some heated discussion as to how to go about it as time was not exactly on our side.  Bodies, I finally suggested.  Funny none of them thought of that before.  There were plenty laying around and what else were we going to do with them. Besides even the hardest of soldiers can break when faced with a pile of his fallen comrades.

As the others gathered the bodies I decided it was time to bring the fight to the camp at least a little.  Taking a few well chosen supplies with me I snuck out to there encampment.  Raid had taught me how to make fire bombs as a distraction.  I have decided this was just the time to create such a distraction.  And maybe take a few of their supplies out with it.

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