2009 13 Jun


Author: Mac
Mac (Moo..... hehe:D)

Mac (Moo..... hehe:D)

Mac was born to a group of traveling elves. When the group passed trough a seedy part of a fishing town, they were attacked by the local thieves band. Their supply cart was stolen ,where Mac had been sleeping peacefully. Once the band of thieves discovered their unintended spoil they were very tempted to simply drown her in the river. Raid’s (the bands leader) wife, Adya, who was unable bear a child, pleaded with her husband to allow her to keep the child and raise it as thier own. Raid was cruel man but loved his wife very much and knew how much she wanted a child, so he allowed Mac to live. Adya loved Mac very much and loved her as her own, but Mac never had a place in Raid’s heart. To him Mac was nothing more then another mouth to feed at first and then another hand to train. Mac grew up knowing only the ways of the theives. She made qutie a name for her self among not only the thieves but also the underworld.

After several close run ins with the law, one resulting in a thieves brand on her right arm which she keeps covered at all times and never speaks of, and a strong desire to do something more with her life, Mac left the small fishing village to try her hand at adventuring. Using the skills Raid taught her, her own reputation and connections and some luck Mac set out to try and do some good in the world.

Living such a rough life with humans has left Mac a bit jaded when it comes to the outside world. Her Elf nature will shine through on occasion but without the consent influence of delightful, joyful, impulsive nature Mac tends to be more down to earth and much more gruff then her Elf cousins.

When Mac finds her self in need of passing some time she uses a deck of cards that Raid gave her. Also a set of dice made there way into her pack, providing not only some entertainment but also a bit of income. Of course Mac has been know to use the dice to determine how to deal with a captured intelligencer. The roll seldom goes well for the hapless soul.

One of the many lasting impressions that Adya left with Mac was the importance of reading and writing.  Not only was it key to their way of life but it could be used to document one’s thoughts and feelings.  At a very young age Mac took to keeping a journal of sorts.  Raid was never a fan of such a thing because he was afraid that such a thing could fall into the wrong hands and prove devastating to the rest of the troupe.  Mac learned to put only thought and feelings into her log and to code all important information.  Never has her log fallen into the wrong hands at least not for more then a few seconds.

Currently, Mac finds herself with a unusual collection of characters defending a small farming village. Among them is a arrogant dragonborn who for his own reasons have taken to calling her Moo. Not one for blind violence, Mac has decide to wait till battle to slit his throat. Besides as much as a jerk he may be, Glaedr is a dragonborn and deserves to die in battle.