2009 16 Jun

Mac’s Log

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Because Mac seems to be the only one among us to be keeping any kind of record, I have asked her to share her log with you all. Of course she simply smiled and flung the well worn book in my direction. “When you can translate it you can share it” she replied and laughed. It seemed that the whole thing was not only written in Elvish but also in code. Translation was not easy. But because I was there for most of what occurred I was able to convert most of it into common for everyone to enjoy. I have, of course, begun with the adventures we shared leaving all other entries alone. I really do enjoy living. -Glaedr

Day 25

It has been almost a month since I left home the small village. 25 days or more of nothing happening. I have through various small villages, picked numerous pockets-to only get by of course- and feasted on rabbits and other small game that I caught on the road. Not exactly what I had hoped for when I had set out on my own. But I know that one undertaking that will give me the satisfaction that I have been looking for will come in time. There is yet another small town just about an hours walk from my camp. If nothing else I can get see if I can pilfer a few more coins to aid in my journey.


Well it seems as though I have at last found something to do. This small farming village is to be the next foot hold for an invading army. And of course the Mayor, Dave by name, is not in favor of his people quartering soldiers or sharing their food-not that I can blame him. A few others have happened upon this settlement and have agreed to help out Dave. (What kind of name is Dave?) There is Ike a Tiefling Warlord-A human Paladin named Vinny Para (I would not want to be there when Vinny runs into a rust monster), Mongo and Steve- the best the village has to offer in way of help (great), Glaedr a <Please note I have taken out what she has to say about me. Lets just says its not nice-Glaedr> Dragonborn Fighter, and a Goblin Ranger who’s name I never learned. This should be interesting.


The scouting trip went well, not that the goblin was much help. Wannabe. Ike had organized a small envoy to see just what the army wanted. I had to chuckle a little at that. It is an ARMY, what did you THINK they want? But one must play by the rules I guess-Stupid politics. I turns out they wanted to take up residents in town. Just another stop in probably a long train of towns. I informed our small band of what I had seen. 86 soldiers, 4 commanders, half dozen or so tents, supplies, maps. The normal. The odds were with us, a small rag tag group 7 in total up against 86 soldiers. Impossible odds, my favorite kind. I was not willing to dine with Sehanie just yet. < If you are wondering Sehanie is the Goddess Mac worships-G> We had till sun up to prepare ourselves. Plenty of time. Glaedr had the idea to dig trenches to help guide the soldiers were we wanted them. Farm implements were added to keep the soldiers from walking over them. Ike’s contribution was two fire pits creating a wall on both sides of an invading army. I helped for a time but being out in the open with an army coming soon was making me fidgety. I took up position on top of one of the houses, with a chimney as cover. Which is were I sit and wait and write. The army has started to stir. Huh, sun up, I figured they would not give us that long, its only been about 2 hours. I give them another half an hour before there here. I hope we are ready.

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